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What happens when you change 6500 parts of a car?

Currently in Kenya there are many other things that can fill up your mind to the point you can even miss the opportunity to imagine or think or even race your thoughts over of many other amazing things that can be.

Among these amazing things is this…..ever imagined what happens if you change 6500 different parts of a car?


No? Yes? … Well this is exactly what happens


A properly refined  car that still maintains its premium standards.

The 2019 C-Class has officially been launched in Kenya and its only become better rather juicy, still with the premium feel, still with the exquisite looks, still with the top notch comfort luxury feel, still tapping to the technological advancements  and so on. Well all this translates to the number of zeros on the payment but its worth.




There two models under this class that will be offered in Kenya…that is the 200 and the 180. (if you are not aware what the numbers means, you need to read this article posted on car clinic about the naming nomenclature). The C200 will be about 8m and the sister will be about 6.4m

The engine aside since there is nothing much going on, they have truly given a lot of time to change a lot of things with the car from the headlight, voice prompts  the display, they even decided you know what let load up all the buttons on the steering wheel why? am guessing because they can.

Take a look…

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