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Enters the GLB!!

A new model brings new class and style comes into the kenyan market.

Mercedes under DT Dobie launched a mid-size SUV into the Kenya market. At first you would wonder why they would do that yet they still have other performing products and for sure when we got the invite to the launch we wondered too.

Though in the main event we didn’t get to know why from the dealers… in our brain storming session we amicably arrived to the conclusion that, mid-size SUVs are becoming a big thing in Kenya. Kenyans what to strike that work hard play hard balance. The best way strike that balance is through a car that can do both; a bit of off road with family and still look exquisite as you get to work. They also want to achieve this without damaging the pocket so much.

And Thus we have the GLB!

In Kenya the model will be in two main variants, The GLB 200 which comes with a 1.3l petrol engine and the GLB 250 4MATIC with a 2.0l turbocharged power house churning out 224hp. What this really means is that you can either get a 2WD or a 4WD. Apart from the terrain, the cars have a striking resemblance. The both come with the latest set of technology, brilliant dashboard displays and controls, a long wheelbase platform which ensure comfort for the occupants, a premium look and feel and many other world class features that came with the ‘Stary’ company.

Although very similar, there those selected features that you get in the 250 that are not in the 200. A good example that we really loved is the ambience lighting.We are sure there many more features that set them apart because truly there should be a reason you will have to pay more for the 250 🙂

That aside check out the spec-sheet and some shots we were able to capture

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