The Spirit

The Spirit

First off, please allow me to say this, 

Our systems are as crappy as crap itself … the only thing that works sanely and without interruption is day and night.Basically the fact that the sun rises and sets on us and am sure if someone would,they could steal the daylight from us. So Police have been on a week long crack down on public service cars that don’t follow the law. At first when I heard that I was happy, some sanity will be restored but shock on me. Its been a fattening week for most cops with occasional arrests here and there to show they are working. For example, there cops who show up on the road highlighted below and their primary function is to collects bribes. I don’t even understand how they conscious work to make them do such even on a Sunday. Don’t they have sins to at-least ask forgiveness for? See if they were genuine is this crack down am sure everyone would appreciate, but sigh! It’s the police doing they thing. Big Question is why did the matatu industry stop following the ‘michuki rules’ in the first place? 

Good News!! 

People are becoming bright and are just fed up with all these stuff. People are beginning to embrace the fact that they deserve some dignity in life as they all see in the world out there. And with that, there are a few things happening that will slowly tame the matatu industry. One very creative idea is what Uber announced supposed to start off January 2019 if everything for them checks out. The want people to be booking a seat for a month on a bus plying your route. That means you have a peaceful ride to and from work and am thinking they will set a flat rate meaning you can plan your monthly budget. I first heard this sort of idea with a group called Ubabi Van Pooling…what happened to them? Other ideas seen recently is by a group of Kenyans who made an app that will be used to bring ‘carless’ neighbors closer to those with cars who live around the same area and can carpool. 

Am supporting anything that will show the matatu industry that they are not that important anyway, we can still build this country without them. With that wishful spirit to have some sane moments in our daily commute …. I wish to introduce Spirit 

“Its Local, it can never be this close. You have a problem with something we shall fix it” said Michael the brain behind the local built bike called spirit. 

The team behind spirit is giving everyone a chance to enjoy their daily commute and save some money in the process. The bike has been lowered to accommodate the short people and sized up to be light(72.5kgs) enough anyone can be able to ride it and to be fuel efficient. 

This bike for me is just it because its purely back to basics making it look old and new at the same time. Its simplicity makes it stand out. Being a local bike am sure I will not lack the parts to patch it up. 



Spirit’s engine is from a crux bike. Its 106.7cc which churns out 7.5bhp @7500 rmp and 6.5Nm of torque. The 4 gear speed engine helps it get to a top speed of 80km/hr and does 0-60km/hr in no time at all. For now spirit is still manual in terms of powering it up but they are working to sprinkle it with some modern flavour.It might look short but it can actually carry two people. It has a carrying capacity of up to half a ton.



Currently Spirit team has a package for those who want to own one but don’t know how to ride. You are given a package where you are taken for training by a professional. Spirit is ridiculously affordable with a price tag of Ksh 180,000 or just about USD 1,800 and you get a 1 year warranty. I don’t know if they offer any form of financing but next time i talk to them, i will find out and update this post.

Spirit are only getting started they have plans to make commute hassle free, convenient, affordable, reliable and at least enjoyable . Follow them on social media to know when they have events and you come engage them with all your ideas.

*scrolls through phone looking for my Asset finance guy*


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