The Train V

I have unlocked a new level in adventure games by taking the safari train in Kenya. The train goes to the western region. I would advice anyone who has not used this train please don’t let this year end. Its worth, and the fact that it goes and comes back on Sunday you can literally visit the western counties and be back ready for work on Monday

#On Time

The train leaves Nairobi for Kisumu every Friday and amazingly they are so strict on time. You arrive at Railways later than 6am you will have yourself to blame. It arrives same day on the lake side city at 6pm. Most of the fares are paid in the train but you can book earlier if you wish. And as I said in the Train IV, personally I book early because I don’t like surprises

UPDATE: The train now leaves Nairobi at 6.30pm on Friday and arrives at Kisumu at 7am the following day and makes the return trip in Sunday same time

The first class will see you part with 2000 Kenya shilling (about USD 20 ) and the Economy will have you pay a base fare of 500 (about USD 5) for grow up and 250 (about USD 2.50) for early teens.

#Yesss!! Lights

Am so happy that I have experienced a train in Kenya that has lights all through the trip. Meaning, in this covid times if you work from home and have need to go down that way you can work all through the trip as I was about to do until I realized work is never that serious ?. I have not understood yet why all the other trains don’t see this as a necessity or maybe I am just unlucky and use them when the lights are not working. The Madaraka express has lights, but you don’t get sockets at least not in the ordinary coaches where it all makes sense.

For the first class you get 2 banker beds and for the economy you have some comfy seats that you can travel the whole trip and arrive with a functional backbone unlike …..

It has a restaurant car but if you can, just pack your own food and carry since they don’t restrict . The restaurant however offers snacks and small biting that can keep you busy through to Kisumu.

What makes this trip worth your time and my greatest highlight is the train detours through so many amazing scenes that will make you take the train repeatedly. The trip defines the name the train was named after because it’s a really amazing safari. Carry your best camera because there is so much to capture for memories on this train. This Train uses the route through Kericho and am hoping sometime in the future before an apocalypse happens, they shall open up the Eldoret route.

Detour through the counties

Many of us have no idea what to do with themselves for 12hrs so most of us would enjoy more with company but regardless you are bound to enjoy this trip

Once in the lake side city there are gazillions of things to engage in unfortunately the train arriving in darkness doesn’t help much but with a plan you can manage to do various activities in the area that have been brought about by the lake.

#The Kenyan Chapter ends

This train trip marks the end of my train trips in Kenya. I would encourage everyone to take these trains at least one not because they have any world class service, or they offer anything better than the road but because we all need an experience and a memory.

The Kisumu station

And this is the adventurous end to the train series in Kenya. I have managed to use all the trains available in Kenya right from the lunatic express which took me a cool 19hrs to Mombasa to the Madaraka express (which I never plan to use again) to all the commuter trains that transverse Nairobi.

I would wish we had better trains with all those amazing features we see in the developed worlds but hizi ndizo ziko (Translation: these are the ones available) so we might as well enjoy them

Go on now give yourself that that train experience.

Through the Tunnels

The future of the train series is unknown but for sure will go on. In-case you take a train ride outside there and want to share the experience please drop me that experience we tell the world.

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